I recently moved to Saidulajab area of Delhi as my office is in Saket. The house is great with a gallery and a corridor. However, there was a noteworthy worry that I confronted remaining there. I encountered regular call drops, almost every second call would not go through.

It was rare I got calls when I was home, and if ever I received one—I had to run to the roof. Frankly speaking, I did not have much of a problem staying in a no network zone– as my privacy was unhindered; however, calls from the office, parents and girlfriend had to be attended. Within one week of moving into this new house, I understood—either I will have to change the home or change the connection.  I decided to choose the latter– as it was cheaper and logical and that precisely how I started using Airtel.


After using Airtel for around a month, I can state, Airtel has better network quality and coverage. Additionally, while travelling out to my hometown in Himachal Pradesh, I saw that network did not vary. When I was using Idea, Jio,Vodafone and I went on a train or bus, the network– it fluctuated, however with Airtel, the flag is constantly steady. Also, I noticed on several occasions that Airtel’s 4G is much faster than Jio especially in congested areas and while in metros or train.