Everything is getting miniaturized nowadays, everything is small then before. Then why you are still using that old bulky tools? Try out a few micro gadgets. Micro gadgets are small gadgets which helps you to complete your work easier and better. You have to adopt innovations which will help you to make your life better than before. There are many micro gadgets present in the market, but which one is required for you? We are making a complete list of those stuffs which are handy and required. Most of them will fit in your pocket and you can utilize it anywhere anytime. So let’s start our list of best micro gadgets that you should buy in 2017.

List of best Micro gadgets

Here we are presenting our hand picked list of best Micro gadgets which you should pick right now to make your life easier and better, you can comment down below if you know some other tools which can be added in the list.

1.Apple Lightning 12000mAh Portable Charger

Only iPhone users know how much pain it is to get low battery everywhere. Batteries of Apple devices won’t last long and it is really difficult to find a charger around you because most of them are using USB C or Micro USB charger. So iPhone users already know the answer that why they should pick this gadget. This charger is short circuit and overvoltage proof also there is a overcharge and discharge protection too. It is light in weight and have good juice to charge an iPhone thrice. You can charge other devices too, you can buy this portable charger online from any ecommerce website.

2. Lenovo Dual-Mode Wireless Touch Mouse N700

There are many reasons why you need a wireless mouse. But this is something different. It is like your touchpad but it is a

mouse, sounds weird right? Well lenovo N700 is built like for those who are lazy to keep clicking. This mouse is compact and portable also it is good in connectivity because you can either use Bluetooth or you can use 2.4G mode to connect it. Lenovo keeps experimenting with it and always provide better results. You can buy this mouse from amazon for just 54 bucks and it is good for those who are not in gaming. If you are a office going guy then this is the perfect thing for you.



3. Samsung 128GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive

This is the best gadget you can buy for your personal needs. This flash drive is portable handy and durable. It is embedded inside the metal casing and it is really durable. This flash drive is based on NAND flash technologies and it is shockproof, water proof, magnet proof, X-ray proof and all of the things are covered with a 5 years warranty. The metal casing makes it more durable also it is really tiny. It is just size of your thumb. You can carry your data easily with it. The write speed of the flash drive is pretty impressive and you can get this too from Amazon. It costs just 40 bucks.


4. Google Chromecast 2

This is a must for those who loves to watch movies on bigger screen. With google chromecast 2 you can turn your normal HDMI based screen into a streaming device. It is developed by google and it is tiny and it is small as a dongle. You can make your non smart tv into a smart one. You can pair this with an external charger to stream videos or movies on your tv or other devices which have HDMI port. It is really easy to use and you can buy it offline too. It costs only 35$ and  I bet you will never regret buying this gadget.

Karma GO

Karma GO is the best wifi hotspot for you. You can easily connect your devices with Karma GO and use internet. This device is a must for those who have laptop and go out very often. This device can create you a hotspot which costs around 15$ for 1GB data usage. You can get some discount if you opt for some monthly plans or you have pay as you go option too. If you make a public network with it, then you are eligible for some rewards. You can buy this from their official website which costs 150$ and then you will pay only the internet charges you use.

Final Words

So, this was the list of best micro gadgets. If you think we have missed some good ones then you can drop a comment to inform us about that. Stay tuned for more such updates.