iVOOMi has garnered tremendous attention from its audience all across social media platforms with a really wacky video that has rightly captured the aspirations of the ‘smart’ domestic help who desires to be even smarter in this digital era.

In its teaser video, iVOOMi has befittingly captured the essence of India becoming Digitally Smart. The teaser looks like a slice-of-life comedy and let’s just admit, we have all been there, faced that.

It all begins with hiring the right maid, but little did the house owner know what was coming his way. On his little quest for the perfect domestic help who could fulfill his requirements, Shanta Bai came up with a bunch of requirements he must rather fulfill. Her uninhibited requirements of a double-door refrigerator, Microwave-oven, Vacuum Cleaner, Automatic washing machine, etc for MULTITASKING, separate room with a huge window for more SPACE, a welcome party where she is introduced to the watchman, gardener, etc for strong NETWORKING, and so on leaves the owner spellbound. Ruffled by her long list of requirements, and how discernible all these things are to her, he hands her the new iVOOMi i1 because – #IsmeSabKuchHai.

On a larger perspective, iVOOMi makes us realize how we’re missing out on how Digitization and Technology are becoming the way of life not just for tech-geeks but even the smallest sections of our society.

The video hints at the arrival of its new series which is expected to be launched in the first week of January 2018. The tagline #IsmeSabKuchHai suggests that the new iVOOMi I series is packed with everything that a user would expect from an ideal smartphone, to know more about what this series has to offer, stay tuned!