There are tons of software available to recover and restore lost data from your computer and hard disk but what if you accidentally deleted something from your iPhone or iPad. Accidental Deletion, Damaged and Locked Devices always seems to trouble most of the iPhone users.

I looked around for a lot of softwares and methods. This is the most effective and easy way. Requires almost no efforts!

First, you need to download iMyFone D-Back Recovery.

You can download the trial version of the software from its official site. iMyfone D-Back for Windows can be downloaded from here for free. Furthermore, you have to license the software to use its full capabilities and recovery options. It costs only $49.

Frankly Speaking, this software is the beast of all recovery tools available in the market. Yes! The software is a paid one but with such premium features available, you’ll feel that it is worth of an investment.

You can retrieve lost data and media files from lost iPhones and broken devices. With just three steps, you can easily recover all the relevant documents, messages, photos and videos.


The software is available for both Mac & Windows. You can easily install D-back on your PC or Laptop within few seconds. Losing your important files, data and photos are one of the most disastrous losses that any user would feel.

Step 1: – Choosing the Recovery Mode

The Interface is very easy, and you can quickly start recovering files from any of your devices in a go!


Step 2: – Selecting which files to Recover

The recovery options that the program provides are fantastic. You can recover chats, call history, contacts, WhatsApp Messages, Photos, Videos, Notes and much more. The app seamlessly works with all the main iOS devices and can even restore data from bricked devices.


Step 3: – Choosing the Recovery Mode from the Wizard

THATS IT! You are done with it.



  • Compatibility & Reliability: – The software is super compatible. You can restore all the data from all the major iOS devices. iPhone SE, iPod touch 5 and iPad Pro, this tools supports all the latest devices.
  • Preview Function: – D-Back comes with the preview option so that you can quickly preview all the files and you can easily select which file to recover from your device.
  • Smart Recovery Option: – This option is best for the beginners. So, if you don’t know anything about recovery tools, then you can choose on quick recovery which itself scans the whole device and then recovers files.  
  • Availability & Security: – iMyfone also emphasizes on additional recovery options. One can recover data from iCloud Backup, iTunes Backup and much more. Furthermore, all the information retrieved would be available to the user without comprising with the quality.  
  • Screencast & Looped Recovery Options: – Don’t worry if your device got bricked or damaged during update or booting. D-Back allows you to quickly all the critical data from the phone. Also, it has a screencast option which enables the user to restore data if there are at blacked out, boot loop.



iMyfone’s D-Back Software is a premium recovery software but with such amazing features and restoring options; it is worth buying. ITS AVAILABLE FOR FREE TOO

The software is available in two variants:

The pricing for the basic license is $39.95, with lifetime support and extension updates and pricing for the Mac variant is also the same. Moreover, the recovery license is also available for Family & Business license too. I recommend the family license as it can recover up to 5 iOS devices for a price of $49.95.




I am not paid to say this but this is an amazing software and its the easiest way for data recovery.