Point of sale (POS) systems have been exceptional and giving the restaurant industry is huge boost over the last few years. As technology continues to grow, more and more restaurants are integrating newer technologies to improve the checkout experience for the customer. More businesses need to realise that customers are inclined to select businesses that provide a pleasurable experience for them. As technology continues to develop, there are more opportunities for retailers from across different industries to add and improve the customer experience that there target audience experiences. Shopify is an expert in helping business owners to improve the customer experience. If you are interested in improving this aspect of your business, over to the official Shopify website today.

At the core of it all, the customers are the subject of the business because this is where these retailers can get their source of income. With more options available in the market today regardless of which industry you are in, customers have a lot of choices and alternatives as compared to your business. This is why, businesses that care about the customer experience often have an upper hand in the business industry. Looking at larger businesses such as Amazon and eBay, these are examples of online retailers that have excelled well in ensuring that the customers receive the best and will make their business edgeways as compared to many other online retailers are available today. For example, Amazon recently launched their $99 Amazon Prime program which gives the options to their loyal customers to select a two-day shipping option. These effectively increases the amount of customer satisfaction and Amazon have on top of his impeccable reputation today. To further understand how you can improve your business through the use of POS system and also other cutting-edge technology, head over to Shopify today.


The days of scribbling orders on a pad and passing around barely readable receipts are fast coming to end. This is even more so for smaller, more independent restaurants and cafes which are choosing to embrace POS systems because of all the advantages that they provide. One of the most important questions that restaurant owners must ask is that if they are going to invest in a POS system, should they go mobile or should they stay traditional? The answer to this depends on the type of establishment you are running on whether or not your services will require a more device which is an iPad or a tablet to take an order. The use of  traditional POS system would not require these devices which can be beneficial for businesses that do not require the use of these devices. Regardless of whether you need a traditional POS system or a modern one, head over to Shopify today for more POS options.


In short, it really depends on the type of establishment that your restaurant is an whether or not you are capable of taking on the price tag comes with these POS systems. Generally, the traditional POS systems are cheaper as compared to the POS systems which are more advanced. However, according to the needs of your business, you should look at this as an investment as compared to spending a lot on something that will not give you a return in the future. Shopify offers you value for money deals that will allow you to adopt a more modern POS system into your business today. Furthermore, the experts at Shopify are also great at helping you choosing the right POS system for your business.


Before you make a digital decision, have a look at several pros and cons were traditional and also tablet-based POS system. This article will serve as a place that will enable you to compare between these two options.

Both tablet and also traditional POS systems have a host of functions that will be an asset to your restaurant operation. This can include making reservations, setting up tables or opening tickets. An effective POS system can also help you to split tabs for payment and also offer multiple different payment financing options. In some examples of establishments, they also offer PayPal or also have Apple Pay. The delivery or takeout features in the POS system is also something that the experts over Shopify consult with you about. Another important feature that both of these POS system is that you can have an inventory control, house sales reporting and forecasting as well as waste management. Get started with a new POS system in transition from your traditional POS system by train visiting Shopify today.


All these features are a huge bonus to restaurant owners because it can help to speed up service and also gives the servers more flexibility and responsibility when it comes to dealing with the task. AN examples of how a POS system to help the server to do their job more efficiently is five allowing them to split checks. Splitting checks is one the things that the experts at Shopify can help you accomplish today and find out the different options they have for the POS systems. Before a POS system was in use, this would have caused a lot of incredible headache especially to people who do not have a degree in mathematics. Now, a POS system can help you to split a check on any number of ways a matter of seconds without any issues at all.



While there are a lot of areas where the tablet POS and traditional POS are similar, the biggest differentiator in this is definitely in the area of mobility. If were to look at examples of traditional POS system, servers are constantly running back and forth between the checkout counter and the table they serve. The POS system is often located at the checkout counter which will enable them to take orders, placeholders and also fulfilling orders. This process can take up a lot of time especially if there is only one POS system in the restaurant but by having a tablet-based US system, this will give the service the flexibility to move around, take orders and also receive payments at the table.

There is no need to be back and forth between tables and section and also the POS system. Head over to Shopify and discover several options that you have for a tablet-based POS model. You will find that it is very useful for your business. However, if you think that your business does not require a tablet POS, you can also check out the traditional POS available on Shopify today. Shopify offers very affordable options for business owners alike.



With the traditional POS system, it makes it a very easy target for thieves because the cash drawers are often targeted at as it is constantly on display. Typically, the system as a whole is not attempting to be taken because of the size of the register would cause. However, with a new mobile system available on the tablet POS, there is very little temptation cause it to be  can be locked remotely and also tracked through a GPS software.

The security feature of your business must often be taken care of. This is what you can achieve for your business by going on Shopify today. Shopify is a service provider which allows business owners alike to achieve more security features and also elevation in different business aspects. The experts over at Shopify are committed to helping business owners regardless of whether you are a small business or a larger business trying to improve the security of your current security features.



Modern POS system are a great addition to the business for any retail business owners or managers because of its ability to help control waste, predict sales, manage inventories as well as produce as report for every aspect of the business. Both traditional and have a POS system have these features. The tablet-based systems allow management to take the device and wait in order to view and print reports at another location.

The flexibility available in a tablet-based POS system is much more beneficial to businesses that are constantly on the go. The traditional POS system will have to be accessed by specific computers are systems and it is establishment. There are also instances where some of the files cannot be exported from the system which can add extra work to a manager’s daily duties. Head over to Shopify and understand how and what option is best for your business. Traditional POS system can also be very beneficial for businesses that do not require much mobility and are focused on a small scale.